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Manually Add Desktop to Automated Pool

Situations may arise that require an administrator to add existing desktops to an existing View desktop pool. For example, two environments merge and a group of persistent desktops need to be combined into a new environment. This would also be useful if a desktop gets inadvertently removed from View.

Backup ADAM Database using

  • Launch Command Prompt with elevated credentials
  • Navigate to: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\Tools\bin

Figure 1 – Backup of ADAM Database

If the desktop is already a member of a desktop pool, remove the desktop from View Administrator (Optional)

Figure 2 – Remote Desktop from Pool

From a connection server, launch ADSI Edit and connect to the View ADAM instance. The connection settings are listed below.

Figure 3 – Connect to ADAM Database

Navigate to Server Groups, and select the pool to be modified.

Figure 4 – Modify Desktop Pool

Convert the pool from Automated to Manual by modifying the pae-ServerPoolType attribute in the ADAM database.

Automated Pool with naming pattern – Attribute Value = 1

Manual Pool – Attribute Value = 5

Automated Pool with manual naming– Attribute Value = 12

Note: There are other possible attributes that the desktop pool may be. Be sure to note the original pool type, so it can be changed back in step 8.

In View Administrator, the pool will be listed as manual pool.

Add the desktop to the pool as shown below, and refresh the status.

Figure 5 – Add Desktop to Pool

Return the pool back to the previous type by modifying the pae-ServerPoolType

Reassign user to View desktop (if applicable)

Figure 6 – Assign User to Desktop

Once the desktop is added back to the pool, and the pool is back to an automated pool, the desktop virtual machine should be available. In some cases, the desktop may go into a customizing state, and eventually change to Agent Unavailable.


View Desktop is Agent Unreachable Status

An issue that has recently been reported is problematic desktops that randomly seem to go into an Agent Unreachable state, as shown below.

The first step toward resolution is to follow all of the steps in VMWare KB 2083535. Many times, this article resolves the issue, but sometimes it does not.

  1. Open the registry on the View Desktop, and navigate to HKLM\software\VMware, Inc.\
  2. Look for the Guest Customization key. If it does not exist, create it.
  3. Create a DWORD called CustomizationInProgress and set it to 0.
  4. The View desktop will now report as being Available in View Administrator.