Alerting in an vSAN Environment

As with any storage environment, it is critical to receive a notification when any component in the environment is not functioning properly. This holds true in a vSAN environment. The Health Check plug-in for vCenter provides a comprehensive list of issues, which are useful when someone is looking in the vSphere Web Client, but does little own its own with regard to notification. Fortunately, VMware has included a myriad of alarms for vSAN that can be used to provide those reactive notifications. When triggered, these alarms will be visible in the vSphere Web Client, additional configuration will be required to ensure that a notification is sent. I typically configure email notification, which require vCenter to be configured with an SMTP server to use for sending said email. In most deployments, I recommend the following alarms be enabled for email notification. The list of alarms below are:

  • Disk Capacity

  • Overall Health Summary

  • Congestion

  • Disk Health

  • Network Health

  • Overall disks health

In the vSphere Web Client, right click on the vCenter object. Click the Monitor tab, and select Alarm Definitions

Search for the alarm name listed in the bullet points above

Click the Edit button

The alarm wizard begins

Click the Actions link on the right

Click the green Plus sign, and enter the email address that should receive the alerts.

Click Finish

Continue those steps for all VSAN alarms listed in bullet points at the top of the document.

Below is a comprehensive list of vSAN alarms available in vCenter.


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